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Integrated Download Icon

Every Facebook video features an integrated download icon in the upper-right corner. Most downloads complete in seconds.

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Playing the Video

Once the download has completed, open the containing folder directly from your browser to play the video.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are my downloaded videos saved?
By default, the app creates a new Facebook Videos folder inside your Documents folder. You can change the destination name of the folder by opening your desktop app and right-clicking the folder icon.
Why don’t I see a download icon on Facebook videos?
Open the desktop client and verify that the ON/OFF button is active. It should be a dark brown color. Next, try to refresh the page of an individual video. Because Facebook is a single-page application, a hard refresh should help reload all resources required for a successful download icon integration. Lastly, check if any PC security programs are blocking our app. If this is occurring, please let us know which anti-virus program you use. If none of these steps work, please get in touch with us and we’ll try our best to help.
How can I download live videos when they don’t have a download icon?
Live videos can be downloaded after the stream has ended. At that point, simply refresh the video page and the download icon should appear.
Can I download videos on mobile devices?
At this point, the only supported method of downloading Facebook videos is our Windows 10 desktop app. A mobile solution is in the works and should be available soon.
Why can’t I download Facebook videos without an app?
In order to facilitate a seamless downloading feature for both public and private videos, the logic has to be stored locally on your computer via an app. Facebook also asks that providers of similar services minimize the number of requests from a single IP address, which prevents us from implementing a fully web-based solution. One possible middle-ground solution is a browser extension, which we are currently working on.
Is Facebook Video Downloader safe to use?
Yes! If you have any concerns after downloading the installer, you can check that it is digitally signed by a certificate issued by DigiCert. This verifies that the application you downloaded really came from us and we stand behind it. Most anti-virus software will not interfere with it, but false positives can be triggered with some protection software. If this does occur, please get in touch with us, and we’ll try our best to help.
Am I allowed to download copyrighted Facebook videos?
While simply downloading a video you have access to in your browser might not breach any laws, reusing, editing, or sharing it may. It is the user’s job to comply with copyright laws when using downloaded videos. We take no responsibility for users' actions in this regard.